SimpleSetup is the easiest way to set up and manage a private SimpleHelp server on Linux.

SimpleSetup Landing

With SimpleSetup you can remotely:

  • Install to your own Ubuntu Linux server over SSH.
  • Install to a Raspberry Pi over SSH.


To download SimpleSetup use the link below:

Double click on the download to install SimpleSetup.

Managing New Server

Use the Create a New Server button to allow SimpleSetup to manage an existing server. Choose between:

  • Ubuntu - Connect to any Ubuntu (or Ubuntu derivative) server over SSH.
  • Raspbian - Connect to a Raspbian server over SSH.

Using SimpleHelp

The following guides provide more details about configuring and using SimpleHelp.

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Server Administration

Go under the hood of your new SimpleHelp server with our Administrator Guide for a range of options including virtual support queues, LDAP authentication, email logging and much more.

Go to the Administrator Guide
Technician Guide

The Technician app is how you connect to customers or unattended machines and configure your SimpleHelp server. Download it from your server welcome page and then check out our Technician Guide.

Go to the Technician Guide

Branding gives your customers confidence that they've arrived at the right place - your business. Check out our Branding Guide for tips on how to put your stamp on SimpleHelp.

Go to the Branding Guide
Monitoring and Remote Access

Remote Access gives you 24/7 monitoring and unattended access to your computers . Our Remote Access Guide explains how to set up a computer so you can manage it at any time.

Go to the Remote Access Guide